Commercial dvd videos freezes dmr-es25



When I play a commercial DVD video with menu options, I cannot navigate to make a choice… the screen just freezes. The only way out is to power off.
The DVDs play fin on my computer.

Please help.


Has your machine always done this, or is it a recent problem? How does it perform with DVD-RAM discs?


Works fine with discs I record. One machine just started doing this… my new one started out this way.


Well, the new one certainly needs to be returned - as for the old one, if it’s out of warranty there are a couple of things you could try. Once, when my (much older) recorder was playing up, I was told to go into functions>setup>shipping condition. Of course, this wipes out your settings and you will need to re-tune the channels, but it did work the first time - for a limited period anyway, the actual problem was a dirty spindle. If your unit is out of warranty and you don’t mind opening it up, I’d suggest giving it a try - it has got my unit back to perfect working order twice, and many other CD / DVD writers / readers / playstation 2’s too. The procedure is outlined in a thread I posted recently on this forum entitled “Fixing your panny - when there’s a problem and lens cleaning doesn’t help” - I must say though, I’ve never had the problem you describe on any machine - playback of commercial DVDs seems to be the last thing to go, but I suppose that if the lens cannot read the data that the contents of a menu are telling it to, this could conceivably crash a machine.
Best of luck.


Thanks for the help.


I just got off the phone with Panasonic Customer Support - I contacted them after having the same problem. Learnt that there is a known issue with having Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3250 HD cable box connected to the DVD Player! I disconnected the cable box input and it works fine now.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I have the same cable box. Was on with Panasonic twice for well over 1 hour with no results.
Unplugged 1 connection and all is fine.


I had the same problem and that sollution works. Problem was I didn’t put 2 + 2 together. Before I went on vacation I hooked up the cable box to it and for the life of me couldn’t figure it out. It would record from the tv but only playback what it recorded and not any commercail dvd’s. So thanks for this forum I’m in the same boat. Guess when I go out and want to record “24” I’ll have to hook up the wires.

I going on Circuitcity’s website to give a review of this machine.


I had the same problem with the dmr-es25. Also had background audio static when playing through the cable box into the recorder. Based upon conversations with Panasonic, this may be an issue with all their recorders with Scientific Atlanta boxes. Mine is a S.A. 8000.


Do they have a fix?


I have a S.A. 8000 conected to an DMR ES25 and have no problems.


It depends on how your cable company programs your cable box.
Mine worked fine for several months until a cable box update.


Yes, not only Panasonic but a whole host of DVD recorders are having problems with Scientific Atlanta crap cable boxes. Their daylight savings fix screws up the box. No ETA for a firmware update from Panasonic and the arrogant Sci Atla. bastards won’t even acknowledge the problem exists


I, too, am glad I found this thread when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my Panasonic DMR-E50. I had called Panasonic and they sent me a firmware update. I thought it did the trick, but then it didn’t. Never connected that my freezing issue was only with commercial DVDs.

While I have a DirectTv Satellite Receiver plugged directly into the back of my DVD Recorder, I have temporarily had to have cable TV instead of satellite. Rather than unplug the cables in the back, (I don’t want to dig around in that mess!) I simply plugged my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 HD into the front input panel of the recorder.

Lo and behold, taking the Scientific Atlanta cable box out my recorder altogether has solved the problem. I hope I’ll still be able to burn items that are on that DVR box, though. It seems like the problem is only with commercial DVDs.

So, if you’re like me and simply Googled “Panasonic DVR Recorder Malfunction” and ended up in this forum, congratulations. Get rid of your Scientific Atlanta piece of garbage and you’re home free.


I also had recording problems. The time changes and I miss the recording!