Commercial DVD Labels

Hey guys,

       I'm new to the thread but i was curious if there is anywhere out there to get commercial dvd labels, that you are able to import to nero, or the whatever label program you choose. I'd like all my backup copys to look nice, like the originals. Maybe a website, torrent, something like that? If you don't want to respond to the thread just drop me a PM but i think there are others that would like to know (if there isnt already a thread like this). Thanks in advance.


Most people simply scan the label of their legally purchased DVD and print that. If you want to download labels, many people find that is a great resource.

Wow really cool, this is all legal?

You want to print labels onto stickers to be put onto your discs? If so, then just throw your backups into the recycling bin, the result is the same, but cheaper. :bigsmile:

For printable media, just insert your original discs into a flatbed scanner and scan the labels.


these labels work quite well, been using them for 2 years with no problems

Ooh, i wonder if they have any premade lightscribe labels stuff.