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When I look at CDs that I bought from the store, I see that they are a little different than the CD-R I burn myself. First on the back of my cd, we can see where the burn ends, on commercial CDs, it is full all the way even though the CD only has 300 Mb. Also alot of software, windows and Hardware (DVD player, CD player, Consoles) recognizes them as CD-R but not CD-Rom. How can I solve these two issues. PS: I am not into cd copying but I am rather curius, why can they do it and I can’t. My burner is a NEC 7900a 40xread and 24xwrite.


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First on the back of my cd, we can see where the burn ends, on commercial CDs, it is full all the way even though the CD only has 300 Mb

No this isn’t true - you can see where the burned data ends on commercial cd’s as well. But there are cds in all kind of colors, so it’s probably more difficult to spot on some of your cds. Take a new look at an original cd-rom or music cd and you’ll see.

As for your second “problem” I would’t look at it as a problem. If software couldn’t recognize your CD-Rs, you simply wouldn’t be able to burn them because they would think it was just a normal cd-rom. All CD-Rs contain information about size, manufacturer etc.

idarj is right.
There are some CDR’s that I find no burn marks as well. But discoloration isnt how your rom reads data.
If you are interested information on how then does a burner store data or read data then go to and up top click on the “How the CD-Recorders work” and click on the link on the next page. Very nice article for those interested in knowing.
Very detailed and graphical. I recomend you visit. I knew how it works from a “how computers work” CD rom years ago I read but found the article interesting anyway.

The cause of the fact that when you burn a CDR and you see where the burning ends, is that commercial CD’s aren’t burned; they are pressed.

This is also true.
After reading that I was like huh since for some stupid reason (maybe cuz i should be in bed right now) I thought you was talking about diffrent CDR’s. So I didnt know why wookie gave you that answer but then I reread and realize what you talking bout.
If ya read the article you know bout the bumps which on a burner are made with heat on special film glued onto the back side of your CDR. Some CDR’s discolor more than others. You can get some that are hard to tell where the burn ends since there is nearly if any discoloration.
However Commercial cd bumps are physically put there.
Thanks Wookie for straighting me out. :slight_smile:

When you buy a single CD (with ony 2-3 tracks on it) you can clearly make out where the play area ends…

Some of my full ones that are short I can see where they end.
Some of them I cant unless I look for like 10 secs and finally find it.
Some I cant see at all and they arent that long.
I guess it depends on who makes it. s
I dont have any singles but my guess is its cheaply made. As for the others It depends who makes it.
I got no defenite answer on the subject.