Comments Asus CRW5224 Review Vs Liteon LTR-52246S

ASUS CRW5224 review :

LTR-52246S (in CenDyne Lightning V 52/24/52 ) Review :

Which is better ?

well asking in the liteon forum your going to get alot of the same awnser, the liteon!
the liteon is already avalible just about everywhere and for a lower price, and your pretty much guarantee’d firmware updates and posible upgrades.

and with the liteon’s you can turn smartburn off if you need to, cant do that on the asus. so if it see’s your new 48x media as 16x thats all your ever going to be able to burn it at even if it can handle 52x.

If SmartBurn sees your 48x as 16x, there are 2 possibilities.
(a) crap media
(b) firmware bug