Commenting issues?

Some users are reporting errors when commenting, we would appreciate any more information regarding, please post it in this thread and we will try to fix it as soon as possible!


When trying to post a reaction on that story, when submitted, only a very small portion appeared. I cannot explain what happened. I did not feel like writing it all over again. I had to do a lot of things to make my points since the reaction system is so crippled now. Maybe it does not like the use of characters such as this - <<<< . ??

Maybe this is why it is important to try and re-instate the reaction edit feature, others are commenting that they miss this. If it were there last night, the option to hit edit would have allowed me to fix my own post. Unfortunately this was not possible and I simply lost interest in the whole thing and left. (for the refrigerator)

Also, you cannot use any HTML tags or quote anybody or anything. Don’t even have italics.

IMHO- If the main page reaction system does not go to a nested style of reactions like /. or Digg etc. We are going to lose more visitors every day. I think that the forum would be a better place to post news if this is not a possibility to repair and I think it needs some serious attention. It is simply too dry and simple now. I just hope this is possible. I hate to see what is happening to the main page.

It’s too bad you lost my reaction! I gave the MPEG LA a real tounge lashing. :iagree: Jackasses! (MPEG LA-not you JW) :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree Dan, that is certainly something we should bring back. We will also look into the first thing that you’ve reported, seems to be a nasty bug that shouldn’t happen.

We’re looking into making drastic changes to the frontpage as we think with our new knowlegde we could make it a lot better, but we’ll need input from the likes of you to know which direction we should take!