Commentary stays on

Some of the movies I burn with clone dvd( and anydvd( leave the commentary on and cannot be turned off.I have everything checked in anydvd, also remove annoying adverts &trailers.Clonedvd is set to clone entire movie.Anyone else have this problem with certain movies?

Sorry,but I think I found the answer on the clone dvd forum.I will unclick all the 3/2 audio and leave the 3/6

I think it would be a magnificent idea to have a way to preview the audio tracks in the audio selection pane of CloneDVD2. Many properly-authored dvds have commentary tracks flagged correctly, making it very simple to remove them to get more compression room. But the majority of discs don’t bother identifying their commentary tracks as such, making it difficult to remove the right track, especially in multilanguage dvds.

Some older movies may ONLY carry AC 3/2 sound. Therefore, you need to click on AC 3/2 or you will not have any audio.

If you see AC 3/6 and AC 3/2, then you can safely delete AC 3/2. Also delete DTS sound if you don’t have a special decoder for DTS.

Yes, definitely nice to preview the audio. I think Ollie is working on this feature. Don’t remember if I can do this with the latest Recode. Have to check.

Thank you for info