Commentary playback

can any1 help me with the problem i’m having making a backup copy of mission impossible 3. the backup copy had the directors commentary playing throughout the movie. can any help me with this?

Easy … choose the audio track you want from the backup DVD’s setup menu or use the audio button on your remote to cycle through all the soundtracks on your backup until you find the track you want to be playing. It’s all in your player’s owner’s manual if you never changed tracks.

Unless you have only chosen 1 audio option, when creating your backup files. Keep in mind that AC3/6, or the DTS choices, are generally the main movie soundtrack, and AC3/2 are generally directors commentaries.
If you choose the movie and directors commentary audio tracks, you will have to choose with your DVD players menu, as Whisperer1 has stated.

thanks for the tips. i chose ac3/6 and that worked fine. thanks again

Have same problem, Talladga Nights, Lady In The Water, Monster House, can only get directors commentary to play . Get an option to switch in menu but it will not play any other way.

Did you choose only AC3/2? If so, the director’s commentary is probably the only sound track you have on your backup.
You need to select AC3/6 for the main movie sound track, for the majority of movies. Some older titles use 2 channel for the main track, but newer titles use the 6 channel, and, or, DTS.
You can review the soundtracks from the original with a pc player to determine what you want before hand.
DTS will also work, but is much larger than AC3/6. Additionally, your sound system must be able to process it to reap any benefits.

I had something similar happy to me with Monster House . . . switched the audio stream on my player and it worked great.