Comment on YouTube videos? Just try finding them logged off!

We’ve just posted the following news: Comment on YouTube videos? Just try finding them logged off! [newsimage][/newsimage]

YouTube may give the impression that your comment appears among the top comments right after it is posted, but you may not realise where it actually ends up. If you ever posted a comment that you expected lots of +1’s or replies to, well, chances are that not a single person has ever seen it, even if it didn’t get flagged or filtered as spam.

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Somewhere there is someone you forgot to bribe! I’ve no doubt with a little cash to ease things along, you’ll be put on the “special” list as a worthy commenter. :bigsmile:

Just look at DukeNukem’s continued presence here! He must be through furnishing Domi’s apartment by now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Domi and I have an understanding. He gets 10% of my salary and I can come close to the line as much as I want. :slight_smile:

Yes, but 10% of 0 doesn’t really make me rich :frowning: :wink:

I just saw the following in this video. high1voltage1rules has over 2000 subscribers, so being popular doesn’t seem to make one immune to comment filtering:

The original comment he seems to be on about is there, so was probably approved after he posted this.

(If you’re reading this, please wait outside for you memory-wiping session.)

I just came across ["]this lengthy discussion](!topic/youtube/aETNn7NZGj8[1-25-false) on YouTube’s help forum.

Google sure seems to do a good job at hiding the issue as despite 167 replies in that thread, its view count is currently just under 2000 views. With the billions of views YouTube videos get, it shows just how few people are aware of what YouTube is doing with their comments.

I also came across the following video which mentions how often good comments get falsely flagged as spam, while troll comments generally get through.


I wonder if the YouTube staff actually check their forum:

If they do, then it’s an obvious “Should have gone to Specsavers” :bigsmile:

Some of the threads I checked go back to late 2013.