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I was reviewing the “closed” thread (testing report) originally started by mangoe, and the response by an apparent forum rep regarding numerous repeated posts. It actually seemed a little sarcastic. However I reviewed the posts by mangoe, and although topic related in some other posts/threads, didn’t see any specific repeat, or cross post elsewhere…

Is there some kind of rule, not posted or embedded in the rules area, that prohibts updates to thread topics?..I mean, it appears a lot of posters do the same, including myself.


Because the people that make the software that we purchase,they don’t like it when we tell it like it is these forum,about the quality of the product,so they have their people in these forum on the internet,that try to shut us up, by closing thread,they are all getting a cut out of that $59.95 + us doallar that we spend to purchase the product,maybe we should all do the same,get programmers and create our own software and market it,and make killing in profit.


not sure about that Mangoe, Fengtao has taken some overly harsh criticism on their own previous forum in past, and here. Think this was more geared towards a repeated “same” post on this forum, which at least I didn’t see in reviewing your previous posts. On the other hand Fengtao probably would not even have a forum if wasn’t for cdfreaks, as theirs was repeatedly hacked.


I wanted to echo Larry’s comments re: the mods and related issues.

Mangoe, while I certainly understand your frustration over software that performs inadequately or worse, I believe Fengtao does a great job overall with his products. I mean, hell, even a company the size of microsoft can’t get it right and has “retail” products for sale that are essentially in the beta stage, for 6 months or longer at a time. It’s a difficult task in a very complicated process.

As to the moderators, they do a great job here on cd freaks… keeping folks on task, maintaining civility on the forum and that ain’t always so easy, as well as providing a wealth of information on a variety of topics. You’re certainly entilted to your opinions and your frustration, but there is no conspiracy here. The moderators are nothing short of outstanding. The comments, to which you refer, were Not personal, but offered as guidance, as Larry suggested.


Thank you for your kind words maineman, much appreciated. I feel that Fengtao shouldn’t be brought in discredit when he has done nothing wrong

So do want to explain that we think that our independent nature is very important and how we try to safeguard it. We do partner up with companies like Fengtao Software but do not give them Staff Forum access nor are they able to physically delete posts and threads (which means that if a company moderator deletes a post or thread our staff members can recover the post/thread if required).

This is our way of making sure that a company is not deleting the comments of users that are criticism or making negative comments, after all if a product doesn’t work as advertised it should be fixed. Several companies have the courage to play by our rules and give customer support on our boards, which we appreciate and Fengtao is one of them.

In this case the best thing to do is to contact the Moderator, or in this case Senior Administrator, who has closed the thread. Our staff members are happy to give an explanation and if they have made a mistake to revert their action where possible.

If it were true what magoe is saying then we would have deleted his thread and make sure he can’t post anymore, which is not the case. If there are any questions regarding our policy then don’t hesitate to ask I’m happy to answer any inquiries!


I just got back from vacation and have been catching up on the posts. First I would like to thank DoMiN8ToR for allowing us to have a section on this board and second the line in his signature about using the search button. Also those stickies that start with [B]Read First[/B] say read first for a reason. I noticed several posts that refer to error codes and error codes are posted in the For Help thread. Also all software is a work in progress with DVD back up SW having a need for updates more frequently due to the nature of what they do. We all learn by helping each other. Look at Windows and all the flaws that have surfaced in the last several years. I started with Windows 3.0 and now at XP Pro after several updates and a greater increase in price. I paid $20.00 for Windows 3.0 and now 20 bucks won’t hardly get you a contact with MS support. Also I think everyone needs to give as much information as possible when posting. You might discover the solution while typing up the problem, I have.



I started this thread for two reasons:

  • Mangoe, although unhappy with the product, think got hammered in the original thread(testing report) regarding multiple posts - think it was unfair and appears unsubstantiated - and apparently the negative comment, and closure of thread (first I have seen) was by a cdfreaks forum rep, but not Dominator.

  • From a subsequent Mangoe post, defend Fengtao, as didn’t believe the censure was there doing

I agree with the subsequent posts here defending Fengtao - but for most of longtime users, a no-brainer. Really think cdfreaks (and believe me I appreciate them hosting the Fengtao forum), should be reviewing and asddressing their own personnel’s posts. Again, this regarding the resonse in mangoe’s “testing report” thread…my take, both posters and hosters should be subject to same guidelines.

Any rate, think I am forum’d out. So going to take a break for awhile and just concentrate on backing up my dvd’s…have fun.


We’ll miss you.
Take care, my friend… :flower: