Hi all… I have tried to get backup of Commandos2 I managed to get backup of 3rd cd but I can’t get bacup of 1st & 2nd.

I uesed clony and there is no protection on 1st & 2nd CD and sd2 on 3rd CD.

3rd CD(play cd) works fine but 1st & 2nd cd do absoulutely nothing…

Can you help?

What is your problem??
Disc 1 & 2 are not protected in any way, so just copy them with CloneCd or any other burning program and if you managed to copy Disc 3 ( you are right SD2 protected ) you should be able to play because you only need Disc 3 to be inserted to play…
is your burner capable of backing up SD2 protected games???
Take a look here


Disk 1 and 2 do not work at all. I copied with Clonecd and nero but neither of them work.

I am not sure of what I think but there is my thought

Disk 3 has got all SD2 protection files!!! and Disk1 has got some sort of SD2 related files - that is what I think(data1, data2 cab file and data1.hdr) Disk2 has got some more files…(I don’t think this really does matter)

However, I install with original cds and play with my backup disk3 and this works but I try to install with backup disk1 and 2 the it shows error messages.

Sorry I am not really good at English

Sorry I just missed some…

while installing with backup cds, actully error message comes out

Hmm, strange, I copied Disc 1 and 2 with CloneCD ( Version both subchannel options enabled, to be on the safe side, but I am sure that there is no protection on the CDs. (German Version). Data 1, files are just game files compressed, no protection…maybe try reading and burning at a lower speed? My reading speed was 32x and burning only 4x.
What CDR-Media do you use?

just completed backing up my Coomandos2 using Mitsumi 4804TE and Clone Cd Disk 1 and 2 was clean and backed up fine. Disk 3 does have safe diskv2 and copied successfully. I am now playing on my backups. Only catch is the game will only play on the Mitsumi burner. No other burner/reader will work on my backed up game.

I had the same trouble with disks 1&2. I used ClonyXL to scan the disc and it came back with the all clear. So i used Copy Protection Detection and there it was Safe Disc Ver 1 (the old version). Use the old settings for 1&2 then add fast error skip for the 3rd disc, BetaBlocker it and u will have yourself a perfec backup of all three discs. Mine works in even the cheap & nasty CDrom in my old PC. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Don`t forget that Commandos 2 Backups are only playable in CD-Rom Drives.

Commandos 2 has the Atip Protection and stops working when played from Burner.

Cause every CD-R has Atip Information and these Information is Readable by Burners.

Hope this helps…:slight_smile:

I am now confusing…

This is SD2 protection and most of games can be readable from burners…

But you are saying that it should be read in other cd-rom


Like I posted in a different thread on ATIP protection:


Every CD-R has important info on the disc itself which is called ATIP or pre-groove. Without this data/info the CD-R cannot be used by a writer. The ATIP contains the following info:

[ul][li]The capacity of the CD-R
[/li][li]The manufacturer of the CD-R
[/li][li]The type of the CD-R (eg. Audio only)
[/li][li]Supported writing speeds
[/li][li]Absolute lead-in time
[/li][li]Last possible address where data can be written
[/li][li]etc…[/ul]Only a CD-Writer can read the ATIP (because like I said before this ATP is only needed when writing a CD-R). The ATIP protection is based on this fact: when the game starts it checks if there’s is ATIP info present: if so then it will presume it’s a CD-R disc and will not play. However a normal CD-ROM cannot read this ATIP and will of course ‘say’ that this data is not present: thus the copy will work…

Thank you G@M3FR3@K for all information.

However, Here is a deal!!! My backup copy does work in my Cd-RW but does not work my DVD.

If I understand correctly, it should not be working in my Cd-RW but DVD… Beacuse Cd-R will check ATIP.

Is my case just an exception?

Big thanks to Huxley Pig.

As you said there is protection on my CD1 but there isn’t CD2.

I have managed to copy CD1, CD2, CD3. And it is working perfectly…

I have checked with clonyXL(does say there is no error on CD1, CD2), I have checked with Copy protection detector(does say there is dummy file on CD1 - not SD1 unlikely what you said…)

I copied with dumm file setting - did not work - and copied with SD1 setting - works perfectly…

Is there any copy protection detecting software reporting correct copy protection?

:pHappy days ducky! But I’m affraid I lied like a cheap watch.
It was “perfect Copy 2000” I used for a second opinion of disc 1&2 not C.P.D (sorry) these are the only two I use, and ‘little blue bin’ by the side of my PC doesn’t get to munch on too many coasters!!!

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I know what you are making wrong. U use an CD-RW. I also had an CD-RW witch only mmy recorder could read. U should try to copy it on an CD-R. And then I am sure that it will work. I also copied it in that way. so try. I am 99% sure that this will solve your problem.


I am really glad to hear that someone has come across what I have…

arnd572 you are right…absolutely on the spot…

But I can play with that… Thanks…

Hi again.

Good!! So I hope that everyone answers a question , the answer he knows to. Because only so everyone i happy :stuck_out_tongue: .
Because if we won’t help each other in the warez scene, then BSA will win! But the f**** BSA will never win!! LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL


While installing Commandos2, it gives a error when it is 74% completed (while reading CD3).
I have a HP-8210 (and a cd-rom), is it possible to burn the protected cd3 succesfully ?
I’m now burning cd1 and cd2 witch CloneCD (hope it will work).
What program can burn the protected cd ?? and what are the settings.
Finally where can I find ClonyXL and perfect Copy 2000 ? (I checked Kazaa…)

:mad: :mad:
With cloneCD i get a ‘can’t read sector 302xxx’ errormessage, and i’m reading at 1x !!!

buba - version of Clone? Read settings?