Commandos - Strike Force Problem



Commandos - Strike Force

Language: English
Media Type: DVD5 (1 Disc)
Protection: Suspicious MZ Header | SecuROM 07.21.0012

Program versions which i use:
Alcohol %120 1.9.7 (Build 6221)
Daemon Tools 4.30.2 (SPTD 1.56)
Y.A.S.U. 1.4.7080
Starforce Nightmare 1.12

I made a DPM included image of this game. I tried minimum and maximum DPM reading speed selections. But when i’m trying to run game by mounting DT it says:

So, I tried to disable my CD/DVD IDE driver by Starforce Nightmare, but this time it says:

Result is the same again… So image doesn’t run anyway. Only if i cloak DT by Y.A.S.U. or insert original disc, game runs. You can look my different speed DPM’s in attached. I.e: Crysis is Securom 7.34 and working, but Commandos SF is Securom 7.21 and not working. Why newer version is working but older is not working, i cannot understand.

Anyway must i use Y.A.S.U. every time? Or is there any other way? Thanks…


Just close SFNighmare after the changes you’ve made with it and you won’t get error 5008.
But i’d prefer YASU - you can just let it autostart with windows (run with parameter -a).

As blacklistings change all the time latest versions of virtual drives (e.g. Daemon Tools) don’t always cover all protection versions.
Sometimes it’s also vice versa, so that old DT 3 versions can run latest protections when latest DT can’t :slight_smile:


Hmm i’ll try older versions of DT ^^. so can you say problem is not about my image, it’s about virtual drive, Terramex?..


Game starts when using YASU. So the image must be ok.

Using old DT versions is no guarantee to make Commandos work without YASU.
I’ve just tested Commandos; with DT lite 4.x versions you get SCSI blacklisting (YASU needed),
and with DT 3.4x versions you get ‘Emulator detected’ message (-> SecuROM_Loader or YASU needed).


Thank you very much. I hope DT Soft will fix that with newer versions soon…