Commandos 2 proper crack needed

I recently got a backup of Commandos 2, and the crack for it doesnt work, they have used a safedisk2 unwrapper, and u get a an access violation error, I tried it myself, so looks like we new a proper crack patch to modify the original exe so it works ok. I have been to GCW, and the patch there is the same, so if anyone can post e-mail me a working 100% crack or link to such, then I will be very happy.

pm me for my e-mail address

GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK

Have just send you a crack I used with succes! :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying, all I get when I paste the crack and run it, is the msg comm2 has caused an error in comm2 and will now be shut down. I am running Windows Me, have a GForce3 64meg card, and det 4 drivers 21.83. Any ideas anyone

i’ve also a geforce 3 but win98se.
can anyone send me this crack?
i could try it on my system

I borrowed the original made a perfect backup with CloneCD


i also can play it now
i downloaded a fixed exe file and it worked
i only copied the files in a directory and burned it with nero

Why don’t you make 1:1 copy of it?

I have EU version or what is it (I live in Finland) and there is no copy protection in those, so copying is possible…

I’m not sure about another version, some have sd2…

probaply they think Finnish dudes won’t make copys! :wink:

If you have cd’s then try betablocker… if sd2 is in cd!

I had problem with commandos2. I made backup copy successfully with Clone CD.

It seems really strange it works somtimes but it doesn’t somtimes.

However, I used fixed exe from and it did work for a while and crashed one day.

Is it because of all SD2 protection ?