Commandos 2 Men Of Courage (EIDOS)

Hi there, I know this is most probably not the right forum, but here goes anyway.

Does anyone know what copy protection this game uses as my copy of Clony XXL always seems to fail.

Your help would be gratefully received.

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I’m using CDMate to backup the disc.

this game is protected with safe disc v2 except in australia where
securom is used . ok?

Thanks Logicwatch for the tip, I checked the first two discs and Clony XXL tells me that there is no ‘copy protection or unknown’ on the third disc it says ‘SafeDisc V2’

I’ve been trying to create an image file for disc 3 but it got to 46% and took over 20mins before I gave up. On all three discs there are bad sectors. By the way I’m using the 32123s as reader and writer with CDMate to make the image files.

I have an Athlon 1800+ XP cpu with 512 DDR Ram, should it take this long normally or would I be better off with a different piece of software like Clonecd?

Thanks in advance!!

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Thats right only disc 3 has the protection on it safedisc v2.I used clone cd to make my copy you must ensure that the settings are
set up as explained exactly in the liteon forum go to search and hunt about there are lots of threads showing the correct settings
it is imperative you then activate hide cdrw media in clone cd to get the game to run otherwise it will see its a copy and tell you to insert the disc even though its in the tray. I assume you have a liteon drive ? if so a copy isnt far away providing your settings in clone cd are all correct . download a trial version from elaborate bytes . come back to me if you get stuck.

CD-Mate vary much. I use v

Sometimes it’s as fast as CloneCD but sometimes it’s dirt slow…don’t know why :wink:

You may have better luck with CloneCD.

Thanks guys, but last night I stayed up for over an hour waiting for the 3rd disc to be read to an image file…luckily there was a pre World Cup program on!!

I’ve given up trying to back this disc up as with CDMate it only got to 52% after 1 hour…tried searching the forums for the settings for Commandos 2 but could not find it. Should have used Clonecd as suggested.

By the way did you know that if you download the latest version of Clonecd and use a simple registry cleaner you can reactivate the trial software over and over again. All I did was look for the Elaborate Bytes entry and delete it and then restart the program again and it told me it was back to 0 of 21 days.

I think I’ve learnt a valuable lesson last night, even with good hardware, software not everything is always possible first time around.

Thank you again

chrome :slight_smile: