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I asked this in the DVDFab forum and Fengtao suggested using the command line in conjunction with some folder monitor software. Since I am not to familiar with the command line options in DVDFab I thought one of you experts could suggest a working solution.



Original question posted in official Fab forum:

Would it be possible to request a feature where I can tell DVDFab to monitor a folder for example c:\input and as soon as it sees a video file in that folder it will auto convert to a preset profile and output the file to a different folder for example c:\output. Ideally this could run as a windows service.

Reason I’m asking is so I can automatically convert video files from lossless MKV which I use at home to a mobile format. I would find the monitoring option far more convenient as I could potentially just point my entire movie collection on my NAS as the source monitoring folder and have DVDFab automatically create a mobile version.



Wish I knew how to help.
Sounds like a cool idea.
I will be watching this thread to see if someone posts a “how to” .



Signals and Wilson.Wang over on the DVDFab forum updated my original request.

The command line part in they suggested was

"“C:\Program Files (x86)\DVDFab 9\DVDFab.exe” /MODE “Converter” /SRC “C:\TrueDetective.mp4” /DEST “c:\output” /Profile “mp4” /SILENCE /CLOSE

Please change the file pach and output profile.

Hope this help you!



My thread over there is