Command line



Is there any way to use NeroLINUX with just the good old command line?


You wold be going backwards for Christmas!.


Curently there is no way to use NeroAPI from the command line in linux (I think it’s possible on windows). I’m sure It’s possible, but it needs either a port of windows’ commandline tool OR writing a new CLI interface for it. Either way, it has to match the available commandline tools.
Why would nero do it anyway? What I would love to see is nero releasing the necessary details for opensource developers to use NeroAPI :slight_smile:


It would be really handy to have. I use it for a backup script that I have, but nero is the only software out there that can burn dual layer disks on linux. so it would be nice to have it so I can script it to do it.


The next thing I would like is DVDShrink Linux, but it would be difficult running that from a Command Line. :confused:


Bump. We would very much like to be able to use Nero from the command line. Could we get an offical reply as to if Nero are going to provide the functionaility and if so when?


You’ve probably already got the answer by now, but if not…

Nero CAN be driven from the command line. Just open a command window in the Nero directory (normally Program Files\Ahead\Nero) and type “NeroCmd”. You will get a huge list of the command-line options (note: you will need to hit Return 4 or 5 times to get through the whole list)


Hehehe, nice, but this is not Windows … This is the NeroLINUX forum :slight_smile:



Any update on a command line interface?