Command line or batch export (to mpeg) in Nero?

Hi All,

I move .tivo files to my computer (using Tivo Desktop) and use Nero 6 suite to turn them into mpegs and then burn a bunch of them to DVDs. (Hint: In NeroVision, in the browse media pop-up, change from listing “all supported files” to “all files (.)” and just select the .tivo – no extra codecs needed; everything you need is installed with Nero 6 suite and Tivo Desktop.)

The first step is to edit them in NeroVision Express (e.g., cut out commercials); I can save that “project” to a Nero project file, extension .nvc.

Once I get a few of those, my current process is to open a project and export to mpeg – a process that takes a while (about as many minutes as the video is long); wait for the “all done” beep" (meanwhile watching TV or cleaning the house or whatever); load the next project and start the export; repeat until all my mpegs are ready to put onto a DVD (which is a separate project in Nero).

Instead of having to wait for one export to complete before I can start the next: Is there any way to automate the process? Are there any command-line options for Nero that would use my .nvc as input and let me specify the name for the output mpeg file? (Note: The .nvc project file doesn’t save the output file name I specify; it has to be respecified each time.)

I haven’t been able to figure it out using nerocmd (seems to help only for the burn-to-dvd process, as far as I can tell), and I can’t make any sense of the Nero SDK. I’d take an SDK solution if you provide it.

Anyone have a suggestion (keeping in mnid that I’m cheap and don’t want to pay $$ for more software)?

I guess I could create one big export file (that is, skip the step of exporting each individual episode), but that makes more work later (creating an episode-per-chapter DVD), so far from an ideal solution.

– md