Command line options?

Is there a guide for DVD Fab Platinum command line options? I have the free version and am interested in purchasing the Platinum but I need the ability to do a command line rip of either a main movie or full disc. I assume there are switches that allow me to do that but I can’t find documentation.

Any help is appreciated.


  1. Command Line Switches

(You can get a basic version of this list via ‘DVDFab.exe /?’)

/SRC "<Folder>"
Used to select the source folder.
Example: /SRC “D:\VIDEO_TS”

/DEST "<Folder>"
Used to select the destination folder.
Example: /DEST “C:\My DVD”

Used to start the decryption process automatically
when the program has finished initialising.
Basically, it just presses the ‘Start’ button for you!

Used to close the program when the decryption process has finished.
Basically, it just presses the ‘Close’ button for you!

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Thank you for the quick response. It sounds like this option will rip the entire DVD. So I take it there is no way to rip only the main movie as a command line option (even if I buy the Platinum version)?

Unless I am misunderstanding your post but Platinum will let you do full disc, main movie only and clone a 1 to 1 ratio and many more things, you can d/l it and try it free for 30 days to see how you like it

Jimbo, thanks for the reply. I understand that. What I’m asking specifically is if there is a command line option to rip just the main movie. I understand I can do it using the GUI. I’m trying to automate a process and I need the command line option for scripting.

I’m wondering the same thing. I want to rip just the main movie. I have around 170 movies I ripped, with dvdfab, using full disc mode into folders and now want to just take those ripped folders and do main movie instead. Doing this one by one using the GUI would take way too much time.

I posted an idea in the feature request a few days ago. Obviously there can’t be just one switch for main movie. We would need a way for it to decide what audio format(s) and language(s) to keep, if it should keep subtitle and if so which ones, how to deal with a 4x3 and 16x9 on the same disc, etc. For example, I don’t want to keep directors commentary on the discs, but I do want to keep the DTS tracks. I want to always keep the 16x9 version of the movie and if there is a “theatrical” and “extended/unrated” version on the same disc I want to keep the extended version.

I guess if initally if we have an option to remove all subtitle tracks and an option to select which audio track language to keep, it would be sufficient. It would be nice to have a remove directors commentary track option also, but in reality, those don’t usually take up that much space.

Right now I use the free version, but if a nice CLI was added I would have a reason to upgrade. I don’t have any use for the transcoding or burning part of the platinum version.

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We will add more command line switch (like main movie) in future versions.

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fengtao, thanks for the response.
FWIW - I would be very interested in upgrading to the Platinum version if it had a command line switch to at least just rip the main movie. Full command line support would be great as it would allow automation of ripping dvds. Please keep us updated on new command line support developments!

Did this ever get implemented? I didn’t see it anywhere, but I haven’t kept up on every release.

Can you guys pleeeeeeease add this in. I have 200 movies I need to rerip into main movie from full disk. It will take somewhere around 16 hours to complete. I could easily write a script to automate this and have it done in a day. I’m begging you please add it. Even if it is only in the pay version. I’ll gladly upgrade. DVDfab is by far the best software for ripping dvd’s out there and a CLI is the only thing it needs. All I need is keep the main movie only, keep dts only (if there is dts in the proper language), keep ____ language tracks only (english in my case), and no subtitles. That would atleast be a good start. Then maybe later add no directors commentary, keep only surround sound tracks (if there are multi and stereo). I could use it for a headless copying machine then also. I’m sure it’s not a high priority, but I’ve seen people asking for a CLI on another program also. It could be a good way to steal some customers from a certain sly company. :wink:

PLease command line :bow: