Command line cd burn

I’m trying to get a command line cd burn tool for windows-
closest I’ve got is CopyToCd which suggests that it might do this in the readme (it mentions a -fl filelist flag) but does not mention anything in the online manual. I also found the linux tool cdrecord which apparently has a win32 version but it all seems a bit complicated… any other suggestions as to what will work best?

Well, the windows version of cdrecord should suffice for that purpose. All tools have a “–help” parameter which gives a short explanation of all available flags.

Cdrdao is also a good command line burning program (primarily intended for audio but also a highly effective bin/cue burning program and capable of both reading and writing raw data) but extremely difficult to use without a windows gui.

But why run these programs from the command line at all?

Cdrecord, cdrdao, mkisofs (for iso image creation), discdump (for bin/cue creation) and madplay (for mp3 decoding) are all incorporated into burnatonce which is an easy to use and highly effective windows gui for each of those command line programs.

But why run these programs from the command line at all?
To make regular backups of certain directories with one click onto a bat file?

Actually I need to be able to schedule it, so if there was a gui with a scheduling tool that would be ok too, but the extra advantage of having a command line is that I can use the system() function in a perl script and automate the whole process.

I’ll have a play with the cdrecord version you mentioned - (I hadn’t found that ready-to-run version so thanks for that) - but I’m having a bit of trouble getting it to work just now…

Does anyone know any more about CopyToCD… I can’t find any help on the command line bit apart from the mention of the -fl flag in the revision comments which seems to work fine but it would be good if I could set other things like the cd name. Also the version I’ve got is a beta so any info on how well supported or whether it is still being actively developed would be good. The site also mentions an SDK that’s on its way which sounds interesting… does anyone have any info on that?

Thanks loads for the help

Can you send me your email address and I will send you all the info I have about using copytocd.

I doubt they’ll bother as rawcane has been here in the last 3 1/2 years.