Command & Conquer Generals

How the hell do I copy this game, I`ve used Alcohol 120%, using SafeDisk V2 to read and write the game, it took 15mins to read, what with all the read errors. It installs ok, but when it comes to playing the game, it wont load up in my CDROM drive, but it loads up in my CDRW drive, my mate wants a copy of this, so what would you experts recommend doing so I can play it on any drive?

Im using Toshiba XM-6702B to read and a Plextor 121032A to write.

I read in other forums that Plextor does this. Safedisc protection 2.x will only play in the Plextor drive. I don’t know about any workaround for this, I don’t even know if “hide cdr media” will be a work around. I recommend trying something other than clonecd like the DiscDump and burnatonce combo which works successfully to copy safedisc 2.x. I even had success with DiscDump and Nero every time so far. And DiscDump is free and so is BurnatOnce, so its a great combo. Also don’t make copies for friends, thats not legal and not what what we are here to discuss. I believe you are allowed 1 copy per app/game legally.