Command and Conquer Zero Hour Error

I have Alchol 150% the latest version, and I tried to copy C+C: ZH disc 1. But when it gets to 1.8mb or 800sector it just stops. If I put it on skip errors then it skips errors and it takes 1 hour to get 3%. Is my CD screwed?

I have read forums that say I should use SafeDisc 2, but there is only SafeDisc or SafeDisc 2/3. Which should I use?

Thanks :bow: :bow:

Which burner do you have. This is normal for safedisc. The first 3% take a very long time. Some burners/readers handle it in faster time and some take very very very long. Just let it go and wait it out, after the 3% the rest goes faster. It took me 1hr on an old cd-rom for reading too.