Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour

I need to make a copy of this and I really don’t know how. I have Alcohol 120% and I used A-ray which said it had SafeDisc 2.9 but anyone have step by step instructions on how to make a working copy?

More info please. Is it a cd or dvd? What burner/s do you have and do you have any other ordinary cd/dvd rom/s?

I have a Writemaster DVD-R/RW and an ASUS CD-R/RW. It is also a CD.

What do you mean by this? :confused:

I have a Writemaster DVD-R/RW and an ASUS CD-R/RW.

Your Asus cdrw is capable of making a working back-up copy. Just use alcohol with plain old safedisc datatype settings.


[li]If you play the back-up copy from a burner, you’ll need to enable Ignore media type in alcohol’s emulation options before doing so (not necessary if you run the back-up copy from an ordinary cd/dvd rom).
[/li][li]The game will probably be hotwired to run only from its installation drive (unless you edit your registry).

You asked if it was a CD or DVD and I said it was a CD. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep getting a message that Generals.exe has encountered an error and needs to close. Then it does the usual about Sending an Error Report or not. :confused:

I suggest that you follow the guide for alcohol or for discjuggler that you’ll find here using your Asus to both read and write.

hey i am from algeria and love playing generals zero hour
now i want to play it online but i have illegal copey cause
here in algeia they dont sell legal copies .
is there any serial number or bypass to play online please

ps:if you give zero hour legal serial number i will give world of warcraft serial

Warez/Piracy is not allowed on this forum, do not post questions about your illegal copies again.
Also take the time to read the Forum Rules before posting again.

plz i need an online serial number for zero hour urgently…i can give u something in return like music or other serial numbers (some of them original)

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djlallous, read the post directly above yours.

Do not post again asking for serial numbers, if you like the game go buy it.