Commanche 4 installation problems

Hi I have been try to install some old games that I use to play on my amd thunderbird but they don’t seem to want to even install on this computer which is a amd xp atholon 2500. Now I know it worked on my other p4 2.8Ghz but I am trying to set this up on this comp.

Here’s what happens …

I hit the install button and the small pointer with a hourglass appears for 3 seconds making it look like its going to install but then it just stops and nothing happens. If anyone has ever run into this problem I would appreciate a solution to this problem. The same happens to alot of older windows 98 games I have as well including World War 2 fighters from Janes.

Please help!!!

What is your OS? is the firewall on? Try turning off all start up items then install.

OS is XP how do I turn off all the start up items?

START - RUN - type MSCONFIG - select START UP - select disable all - then restart