Coming soon, 1TB on a single $40 disc



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New technology, announced by Mempile , will eventually allow users to store 1TB of data of a single disc utilizing up to 200 virtual layers. Their latest demonstration utilized 100 layers and…

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#2 is a bit behind. Mempile announced this like two weeks ago.


Well this proves that Blu-Ray is the wrong way to go. HD-DVD is a natural evolution of the DVD standard and should be the logical way. If an option like this cam along about 2010 then blu-ray can say goodbye


200 layers? We can’t get decent quality 2 layer discs at a reasonable price!


Not just we can’t get DL media at a reasonable price, but a “simple” two layers media causes serious reading troubles then who wants to try reading a 200 layers media ? :r I’d not trust in anything that has more than 1 layer… regards, Stephen