[Comics that were never published] ... (510th comic) ... Mrs. Feeny and the snow

Heya everybody,

so you are wondering why I am still here? Well call it crazy, stupid or what else… I still have some comics that were never published. I call it the lost ones… there are still a few out there that really don’t fit into a storyline or some series. They are just some fun comics that well… have not been published due to lack of time.

It’s like in a movie where some scenes are left out… okay for you today… the first comic in 2010… one of the lost ones.

Here we go:

I just call it comic number 510 even if it does not fit into the series… I hope that’s ok for you.

Have a nice day and please don’t blame me for publishing those… :iagree:


PS: Happy new year everybody! :wink:

Happy New Year, Rylex! :flower:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2485212]Happy New Year, Rylex! :flower:[/QUOTE]

[B]Thanks ♥[/B]
di loves that cat :flower:

2010 a spaced cat odyssey… Thanks Alex

Yo Alex-

No worries mate - you have NEVER posted a comic that wasn’t GREAT-imo-eh!!