Comical lesson to be learned by RIAA battles

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   The author of this article or commentary  makes a few good points. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. We can  only hope. We think technology is good, the record industry thinks it's...
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I could be wrong. Probably am… but I always thought that the beginnings of mp3 was ignored by the Music Industry… Seems to me that, in the beginning, noone in the “biz” whined at all. Not until the format had a popularity explosion, fueled by Napsters ease of use. I do think they could have done something… but hey, the cash cow couldn’t end??? Could it. Pfffft… yep… Failure to innovate a buisiness… Hmmmm. I see both sides… and it’s clear who’s gettin hurt. It is almost a justified sting. :wink:

No you are not wrong. When MP3 first came along the music industry thought it would never be good enought to satisfy their customers lust for ‘cd quality music’ the rest is history. MP3 or other lossy products may outsell cd’s now I don’t know. It does at my house. :B Cause as long as they keep messing with peoples lives I won’t buy the darn things.

I think the RIAA is just going after people because they can. Pure greed. I guess it’s like alternative energy - the big corporations will refuse to innovate (or at least release it to the unwashed masses) until their financial pain becomes unbearable. Or until they come up with something sexy enough that we all MUST have. But the RIAA’s motives are sickeningly transparent. Are they going after those who download an obscure song by a struggling progressive rock band that no one has ever heard of? No. You can’t find that song with Bearshare/Limewire anyway. And most who listen to that genre are looking for quality - and are often preferring to hold a real CD with liners notes in hand. No, the irony of all this is they’re going after someone who downloads too much Brittany, or Christina, or whomever. “Artists” who, all too often, aren’t really musicians or songwriters - more like glorified dancing lip-synchers. The same “artists” whose music is blaring out of every cheap $19 radio (with built in cassette recorder) ad nauseum in every bar, place of employment, or teen-age bedroom in America. That’s because they’d prefer you got your free music packaged neatly next to an advert for a new car, or just after a DJ shoehorns his political biases once again into your morning commute.:slight_smile:

strange cuz I remember hearing about them trying to stop mp3 before it came out.

I’d be surprised if that was the case, since mp3 wasn’t really a stand alone format. Its part of the mpeg video standard. Its just the audio part…mpeg layer 3.

They tried to stop the mp3 players when they came out. RIAA sued Diamond for making a player that would “fuel piracy”. I guess the moral of the story is: The recording buisness of today just don’t won’t to learn. So they will die, and a new buisness will evolve that take full use of today technology instead of fighting it. I’d happilly pay to download my MP3’s but I can’t. I can get overpriced DRM crippled 128kbit files. These crippled files are totally in the hands of RIAA’s mercy. They can tell me what I can and can’t do with what I bought!

Technology is a catch-22, they should have saw this scenerio coming, taking a lesson from the VCR movie market…

RIAA are doing a LOT more than just suing some people. They have got most of the lawmakers on board with them and they are introducing protectionist laws in the US.

“They have got most of the lawmakers on board with them and they are introducing protectionist laws in the US.” Given the corrupt political system you enjoy, I shouldn’t wonder. Three little words: Not - In - Canada. How they must hate us here… It gladdens the heart and brings joy to the soul. :slight_smile: This is not to say that Canadian politicians aren’t corrupt, by the way. It just says we’re a bit more choosy about what our corrupt politicians can meddle with on a personal basis. :slight_smile:
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Thats cuz the only thing the RIAA knows about Canada is Celine Dion so they are scared to travel that far north:B