Come on, get in the picture



I just posted the article Come on, get in the picture….

You might have seen it, but you can now show a picture near every reaction you make. Yes, no longer do you spoil us with your textual pieces of art, you now also have the choice to show some more…

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If anyone would like to have an avatar but isn’t experienced using a photo-editing program, I’d be happy to help. Just send me a message about what kind of avatar you would like and an e-mail address to send it to.


DukeNukem, thanks for your offer. I’d like to have an avatar that shows: “Long Live Blu-ray”. I’m out of idea what to draw or how to place the text.



I’m quite happy with mine. :slight_smile:


@ Happyguy - My religious beliefs preclude me from doing that. I’d rather hear gunshots from my child’s bedroom than create a “Long Live Blu-ray” avatar.


LMAO @ DukeNukem.

If I found out where you live, I may be inclined to send you a nice packet of unburned Blu-ray media (Sony branded). Oh and I’d conceal it in something you would unsuspectingly open, hopefully making you touch the discs with your bare hands by accident .