CoMe On EnGlAnD

Ite every england fan!

Getting really rared up for the game… shame I cant be at Portugal to see France get kicked 5-0!!!

If we win this one, we will definatly win the euro cup!


:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Ok, so maybe it wasnt 5 - 0 after all…

Zidane + French flag + Match + Petrol = instant gratification :smiley:

See you at the final!!

Well… when I turned the TV off after 45 minutes (bloody boring) England had 1 - 0… So what can you say, oops? :bigsmile:

England should know that scoring one goal and then start an all out defence doesn’t work against France. They should have learned that from the Euro 2000 finale Italy-France. Almost the same thing happened there.

France wins 2:1 !!! what a finish … Thank you Zidane … finaly you broke the english defence wall

Damn, damn, damn!! :a :a

I had 1-1 in the pool and that bastard of a Zinedine Zidane has to score twice in the last 5 minutes. :frowning: :frowning:

Can someone please break his right foot! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i could kill beckham and zidane…
on front of the english paper ‘the sun’ it has a picture of beckham after the penatly kick of his was saved by some bald man
he says that the country should blame him, i will take his word :smiley:

I dont think we will se france again tillthe final…

backham played a good game, he has also shot a good penalty but barthez jumped to the right corner. I think you should not blame him,

A good penalty always goes in the goal. This one didn’t, so it was a bad penalty. France deserved the victory. Where was the famous English attacking?

Correct, a good penalty will always be a goal!

But France didn’t deserve the victory (in my opinion), a draw would be the best result to express the strenght of both teams (how many times was France in scoring position?).

Go Antarctica Go!!!

know the canadians how to play soccer?? or do they only know how to play hockey :bigsmile: :smiley:

We know. Poorly for the most part, but we know :stuck_out_tongue:

this applies to austrian soccer to :sad:

stinkin french! hope they all die in freak accidents :a

A Great game, England was surperb in defence for 90 mins, then it went to pot.
England proved yesterday that they are in the running to win the tournament. If this means having to play and beat France in the final then bring it on. A lot of other teams would have conceded much earlier in that game. Beckham is not a penalty taker, hopefully now, he will pass the baton on to someone else to take penalties.


BTW, the penalty was not the best. Zidane showed how to take a good penalty. :slight_smile: but I disagree that a good penalty is always a goal. It is down to luck on whether the keeper guesses right. If the keep guesses right, then he always has a chance of saving the shot.

Radzinski!!! :slight_smile:

I feel sorry for good players of “unknown” countries. Some of the best players in the world come from nations which have an all round weaker team.
A few which come to mind are Ryan Giggs for Wales, Jari Litmanen for Finland, Roy Keane for Wales and Dwight Yorke for Trinidad & Tobago. All great players, but they cannot show their talent in the world arena bacause their nation’s have weak teams.

I think that is Ireland. Not sure if it is Republic or Northan but without question Ireland.

Apparently, that bald asshole and Becks used to pratice penalties at each other, and Bartez knew which way he was going to shoot.