Come chat with the other Club CD Freaks members

I just posted the article Come chat with the other Club CD Freaks members.

As more and more people join our community we are also trying to expand the possibilities to join us. Besides our forum, that is with 18.000+ members and 15.000+ daily visitors one of the largest…

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Yeah, come and see. But I warn you, the level of conversation may be low :wink:

That’s why many remain aloof :4

Dansmug, is there really a level of conversation then? :wink: The channel is growing, though slowly. But it is cool to get into closer contact with the users. You’ll see that the admins/mods are only human too (the biggest shock of this was for the admins/mods :4) There is actually only one thing you should keep in mind here, nobody is watching the channel every second of the day, so it may appear that people are ignoring you, but they are, in most cases, just doing something else at that time and will respond when they get back. I have always liked the Dutch chat, spent many hours there, but I am beginning to like the international chat more and more, mostly because more and more people are joining… So come on over and experience for yourself.

And if you are behind a firewall and can only browse webpages, you might find this link useful, it is a server-side script that allows you to join IRC (and uses the host of that server, so you don’t even have your own IP/host shown and anonimity can be preserved as well):