Comcast warns Bit Torrent and E-donkey users that are violating the DMCA law

I just posted the article Comcast warns Bit Torrent and E-donkey users that are violating the DMCA law.

 Conductor used our news submit to let us  know that moving away from Kazaa to other file sharing networks does not  make you any more safe from the recording or movie industry. ...
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Enjoy being US Citizens;) Enjoy voting for DMCA, 'cause you voted for it. Enjoy George W Bush, 'cause you voted for it. Enjoy. Living with rights you don’t have (any more) - enjoy those rights! In Europe we have: - Real Food (Mc**** is not the only way to eat on this planet!) - No DMCA - No George W. Bush :r [swearword removed]
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Europe has it’s own variation of the DMCA. But anyhow I agree for the most part. Shame that here in the UK the government is sucking up to Bush.

Hey Tiikeri, hate to tell ya, but in a couple years your gonna have a bill passed that makes the DMCA look favorable…

Waste of time and money. Still keeps them busy huh! they have gotta spend their money on something. If it’s not going to be supporting proper artists and releasing good material then it may as well spend it chasing every Tom, Dick and Harry with some illegal content.

heh read the next story. Money makes the world 'round :slight_smile: strongbad is telling the truth. It will be refined law based on prosecutions in the US.
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Everyone should start using “Earth Station 5”… it’s easy to find it its getting better than ever, its the most secure thing out there.

Earth Station 5

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–EDIT-- This has nothing to do with being anti-American. It is about laws being passed that affect your freedom. You don’t have to be a traitor or sympathiser, you just have to have common sense to see what Tiikeri says is true. I like Mc Donalds though

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Hey guys, bills and laws are merely there to be broken…the trick is not to get caught! Keep it low key, to yourself, or yourself and one/two mates… Let’s face it we all know where to go to download albums from websites for nothing, mostly the music is run of the mill stuff, but it’s free…none of these sites have been shut down…maybe they will in the future…but for now they’re up and running. And when all this goes away, i.e. it’s shut down…if they manage that…it probably won’t make alot of difference to either side anyway, because it’s only the fact that the music is free that we do it…so whether the RIAA (or whoever) kill it off or not, very, very few more sheckles will change hands than they do now. Further to this, IF it’s all killed off, and the Recording Industries review what it’s cost them versus the gain in real terms of killing it off, we all know the figures won’t add up, and they’ll all be out of pocket big time. I (and Joe Public) won’t buy any more or less CDs or DVDs, or spend any more or less money on anything else really…my (and I’m sure your) money only goes on things you think it’s worth spending it on. For example, if you think Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers is the dogs do dahs you’ll go out and buy it. If you don’t you won’t…you might only try for a copy IF you think the film is average and you happen to be able to get a copy for little cost. QED, no major gain for the recording industry and no major loss to Joe Public… That’s what I think anyway, coz 99.99% who use this site…have no interest in true Piracy, as in going out there and selling this stuff (although I accept we MIGHT give it away). Perhaps the biggest problem is educating people NOT to buy pirate copies? i.e. Kill off people like $50 million man from a news story the other day on this site and you wipe out the majority of the problem.

What about EUCD? It’s not everywhere yet, but it’s coming :frowning:

Most Americans were/are against the DMCA. Americans don’t get a vote on such issues. Laws like those are passed by Congress and Senate. America realizes that the laws passed are basically whatever the special interest groups say (basically corporations in America make those laws). Why would Americans vote for DMCA, or for the stupid Sonny Bono copyright extension act… Even when Americans vote for different senators and congressmen, they always act the same way in office.

Little do you know. Dubya LOST the popular vote, more people voted against him than for him. he is a joke, I definitely voted against that idiot. The DMCA was passed by voice vote in congress, the people did not vote on it, it would have never passed a popular vote. Congress is bribed by Hollywood. Not all Americans eat at McD’s. I personally think they suck. In-n-Out is better. Get a clue.

Nice point Shekinim. I’m glad that you set a certain member correct concerning the “We voted on the DMCA comment”. Americans (for the most part) can’t stand all of these stupid laws that get passed without giving the people the option of voting for or against them…such is case with the DMCA

heh. the american people do not control the government or it’s actions. we supposedly control elections that are probably rigged and then the corporations pay our politicians off with “campaign contributions” to do whatever they want. The american people don’t mean crap, only corporate dollars.

Sounds like fun! I just can’t wait to get my letter in the mail…Covad is my next ISP

Step one Get library card. Step two check out maximum amount of CDs and DVDs from local library. Copy at home. Now tell me how the RIAA and MPAA is going to track that? Oh and if your library doesn’t have something ask them to see if another library does. If they find it they will have it shipped to them at no charge to you.

Oh and be sure to delete the DVDs and CDs after you return originals back to the library §8 ›þ