Comcast to invest big on HD



I just posted the article Comcast to invest big on HD.

The U.S. cable company Comcast did its best to differentiate itself by offering ‘HD on Demand’, a service that allows a subscriber to choose a preferred high-def movie. Instead of a movie, analyst…

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HD TV rocks! I love it. But you need a satellite to get it. Cable is screwed as they can’t handle the bandwidth now, let alone more HD channels. This is why they wish folks would buy HD content when they want it. evil laugh I have an idea for cable…how about a la carte channel choices? Most people don’t want half the crap you are bundling in your goofy packages. If you let folks pick and choose, you would have more headroom for more HD! :bigsmile:


To expand on Crabbyappleton above, with Cable there is a fixed bandwidth/frequency range you can use to broadcast TV. They can change to a more efficient compression, or do higher compression (lower quality) on the broadcast. OTOH, satellites can be launched if demand for more bandwidth is required. For example, Bell ExpressVu is expected to launch a satellite (Nimiq 4i) into the 72.9 orbit to provide additional bandwidth for HDTV.