Comcast now testing Web TV

I just posted the article Comcast now testing Web TV.

In an attempt to convince consumers to not leave behind cable TV subscriptions in favor of Internet-based content, Comcast has rolled out its on-demand, Internet-based service nationwide.

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To Hell with comcast, I hope another company with lower prices knocks them down off that mountain…

yah but thing with internet tv, is that you don’t need the middle man anymore (ie cable/satellite companies).

Internet TV should allow channels to directly air over the internet, increasing their viewer base and eliminating the need for a distributer.

I would think cable companies would want to shy away from the internet, because people would be able to find what they want to watch for free (from legal services no less), why would they pay for comcast?


I wonder how this will be affected by ComCast’s data cap (currently 250 GB in most markets)…