Comcast launches bandwidth meter

I just posted the article Comcast launches bandwidth meter.

Comcast customers who habitually stream video and share files over BitTorrent now have a tool to keep their bandwidth consumption in check.

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I’d kill for a 250G account. My one here is 30Gig and I go over it every month…

Booo to bandwidth tiers! Let’s hope all the carriers don’t go this route…

they can impose monthly caps but they wont upgrade their own hardware so their customers can grab as much as they want…typical

Is the Comcast Economy Internet Service (1 Mbps down and 384Kbps up) for $24.99 USD not affected by this because it is limited already?

Thank you

[QUOTE=paulw2;2470741]I’d kill for a 250G account. My one here is 30Gig and I go over it every month…[/QUOTE]
Yes, but probably in your case they just throttle your account to some slow speed till the next month rolls around and off you go again. Comcast can kill your account and ban you for a year for going over.
I have gone over on my newsgroups account a few times, which only allows 15 gig, but I doubt I’d ever go over 250 gig a month the way I use the net but the fact they want to be able to do this is upsetting anyways, where does it end.