Comcast developing another means of fighting piracy in the US



We’ve just posted the following news: Comcast developing another means of fighting piracy in the US

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Yeah, good luck with that one… they might get a few more pissed off consumers that will want to cancel their cable-tv subscriptions as well?

It’s the consumer’s wallet that feeds the MSOs. Let’s see what biting that hand will do for them…


I read another article from ComCast who said they wanted to encourage “legal video downloads”. Yet, none of their behaviors address the most fundamental issues: (1) availability of legal downloads (compared to the HUGE variety of video torrents that are available), (2) the ridiculous time-limits for a downloader to log in and ‘view’ any “legal” download versus the “I have the file, I’ll watch it on my own schedule” that Torrents offer, and (3) the price.

Neflix’s downloading program seems reasonably priced, but we prefer Hard Copies because NetFlix still requires excellent broadband availability. Not “good” or “barely adequate”, but excellent. Always functional. “Perfect World” kind of availability.

Something ComCast, AT&T and TimeWarner will not guarantee to residential users in their urban jungles. Much less anywhere else.

And since those Big 3 have paid off Congress to territorialize their markets so they never need fear of direct head-to-head competition, the Big 3 have no incentive to provide better service.

Too bad Congress isn’t full of our elected leaders.

I’m still waiting to buy the commercial release of IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, by the way. Or Michael Landon’s I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF. There are so many DVDs and BluRays of American films that ARE available in Europe, by the way, but not here, stateside. Those distribution agreements created fanciful boundaries that prevent consumers from enjoying their entertainment. I don’t see why this should be any reason to punish consumers, though.


Don’t worry, comcast. I’ll be quite happy to return the middle finger that you have forced upon me. :Z