Comcast Cap

Thats the reason I got rid of COMCAST years ago.Also as
I was telling PLATINUMSWORD when the FCC fined COMCAST
for doing that. I think COMCAST is going to lose a lot of
customers because of this just as they have with their cable t.v.
service. ZAP.

I dropped them six months ago simply because of their prices, I hadn’t seen a cap before I shut them off.

Hearing that makes me want to get their service and set it up through a router and have as many people as I can download stuff from my modem. Just to see what they would actually do once I hit over 250 gigs.
But, then again I have AT&T which from what I hear is trying to do worse then that. But we’ll see.

I do not have Comcast (I have Charter).but what bothers me is the others will follow.

They will charge for the service be in 10 meg or what ever…then start charging for bandwidth used also…just another way to suck money out of our pockets.

I do not use near that much bandwidth…it is just the idea of what I think they are up to…

BTW Some of you guys are lucky…unless I want dial-up…I have only Charter to go to…I do not have the option of a choice

Ya it worries me too. It will end up being like the cellphones where you get charged by the minute after you hit your limit. Except it’ll be by the byte eventually.

I hope not.,but to the subject COMCAST has always been bad.
In the 1980’s when we had more competiton here in the BAY AREA
in CALIFORNIA. We used to have a rival cable company that
wasn’t that great,but not as bad as COMCAST. When they forced
out the other cable company that’s when everything went south.
However thank GOD for satellite t.v. or else we would be subject
to that bloodsucker who owns COMCAST.

Ya, I remember when there used to be different cable companies. And I much prefer satellite to comcast. Although, AT&T has started offering television services too. Its a lot cheaper and has better quality then comcast.

Yeah that’s the way to go. Unless the greedy owner of
COMCAST is not sucsessful in his quest to lobby higher taxes
on satellite T.V. I wouldn’t put a hostile buy out of satellite
T.V. buy him. ZAP.