Combo unit recorder (Panasonic DMR-ES15 DVD Recorder)

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DMR-ES15 DVD Recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]This post is of general nature. I have a PHILIPS DVDR985. This is a stand alone recorder that uses dvd plus r/rw discs. The unit is failing and is on its way out. I wish to replace it with another used unit, either another recorder or a combination unit. This post applies to combo units. I see many of them in various combinations, and brands. What I need to know is how to determine by appearence alone whether the dvd is a PLAYER or RECORDER, and of course what disc media it uses. My philps uses PLUS discs ONLY. On some units the REC button is under the disc tray as opposed to the vcr. Is this an indication that the disc is a RECORDER? Is the presense or absence of RF IN mean that the disc is a PLAYER even though it may still be a RECORDER? Does the same logic hold true for a built in tuner or lack of? There are so many variables I cant make heads or tails of what I am looking at. Does a RECORDER?VCR combo ALWAYS allow two way dubbing.? If not which direction? For stand alone recorders, format called out? Any info I can gleen from the label? Are the prefixes from the various brands a clue? What is ment by VR mode versus VIDEO mode? Difference between the two. The philps does not mention either in the manual. I rarely see the documentation so of course the only way to find out is to go to the makers web site. Individual model#s are not always there, manuals are not always there and like all manuals are often incomplete. I need help. I do not care so much for quality as I do for info. Thank you.

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Combos that allow recording to DVD will always say something like DVDR or DVD recorder. If it just says VCR/DVD more than likely it will just record to VHS and only play DVD. I think every DVDR also records to the VHS although many newer digital tunered combos won’t record from the digital tuner to the VHS side only from the line inputs or the analog tuner.
Most of the current DVDRs record to all formats except DL media, a few (like Panasonic, LGs, etc.) do but it’s not the norm. Early Funai made DVDRs would only record to the + format and very early Panasonics would only record to the - format(and RAM).
Panasonics allow dubbing both ways, I would think other brands would also but I’m most familiar with Pannys.
Most people suggest going with a separate VCR and DVDR for maximum flexibility but if you must have a combo I guess I’d suggest the Panasonic EA-38v which is a tunerless combo. I really wouldn’t suggest the EZ-48v which does have the tuner and too many bugs (IMO) to consider.