Combo Lite-on 48161H not recognising cd/dvd's

recently bought combo Lite-on 48161H , installed it on my pc. combo is not recongnizing any media CD/DVD.
os -win2k
primary - Hdd (Master) + cdrom (slave)
Secondary - Liteon combo (Master) + Hdd (slave).
any idea why combo is not recognizing media where as my cdrom is working properly? Pls. help.

I had the same trouble and for some odd reason when I uninstalled my antivirus it worked fine again… after a clean install I found all was once again good even with antivirus installed.

Thx for prompt response. Even i am running Avast antivirus on my pc. i will try ur suggestion and will post u the outcome.

After removing antivirus tried reinstalling but still not working (cd/dvd is not recognising). when clicked on the drive gives a message pls insert a disk. Checked also using nero infotool.

Tried flashing the latest firmware KH0R?

Damn I am not 100% sure what the problem is either… I would think try a putting it as a master all alone on the IDE controller, swap the IDE cable, check the jumpers, try newer and or older IDE drivers, check the event log, and try a firmware update. I would try any of these if none of them work post you system spec including any service packs and again plead for help.