Combo LG GSA 5163D/Swapable Hard Disk...Manual...Increase the Utility of your drive

To use a Hard Disk with the LG GSA 5163 with as little modification as possible as an external HD/DVD-Recorder combo.

Kit needed:

  1. LG GSA 5163D
  2. Spare Hard disk (I had one from a modded xbox)
  3. IDE Cable (costed me $2 for a salvage cable from a neighbouring internet cafe)
  4. Y power splitter cable.
  5. Screw Drivers.


  1. Take off the 6 rubber (i think stands) from the side of the Drive.

  2. Take out the 8 Screws.

  3. Take off the side panel (silver grey in colour) by pulling the front end away from the case. When it is some distance away from the case, pull it towards the front of the case to release the lock at the other end of the panbel.

  4. Separate the two halves of the case using a screw driver and also applying pressure on the places where it is locked.

  5. Now the drive is visible. Take it out and remove the small IDE cable.

  6. Put the new IDE cable in (with the shorter side towards the bridge. connect the DVD drive to the middle connector (the jumper was set to Slave).

  7. Attach the power splitter cable to the drives original power cable.

  8. fold the shorter side of the ide cable so that it fits snugly between the drive and the bridge.

  9. the power cable supplying the DVD drive was also folded behind.

  10. This should be done before, but you can do it here since you will know where the cable will go. Fold the metal part of the Bridge frame with a plier on the top side so that it does not block the other end of the ide cable and free power cable from coming out. The plastic cover for the back has to be sawed off a little bit for cables to come out too.

  11. I did not fit the steel cover on the top, since it would not fit.

  12. with the extra power cable and the longer end of the ide cable out off the back side of the drive, fit everything back.

  13. The HD gets connected to the power cable and idecable that comes out off the back of the drive.

Connecting the HD:

  1. Set Jumper of HD to MASTER. and connect it.

  2. you might need to uninstall the firewire controller and restart again to recognize the HD.

  3. reboot the PC. the firewire gets detected. there is no DVD drive. Right click on “My Computer”----> Manage.

  4. In computer management go to “Disk Management”, you should see the new HD. Make it an External/logical disk, format it (I did NTFS). Now your HD is ready for use.

  5. To use the DVD writer, power off the Drive, then disconnect the IDE cable off the HD. The DVD should be online for use.

  6. To use the HD again. Power off the drive, connect the Ide cable back to the HD, I needed to restart after uninstalling the firewire controller once. Sometimes it gets detected after a few seconds.

  7. To swap with another HD( needs to be partitioned and formatted as aboove), turn off the drive, and connect the power and ide cable to the new drive. then turn it back on. it gets recognized immediately.

So far so good.
Suggestions are welcome to make it more easy and efficient.
The only extras on the outside of the drive is an IDE cable and a power cable. HD can be disconnected whenever you are on the move.

Here is a simpler tutorial:

1: Open the case.
2. Replace the IDE Cable and Power cable.
3, Connect the drive to the new cable (also set the jumper to slave).
4. reassemble the case.
5. Connect the HD (set jumper to master).
All Done

Doesn’t the firewire support both the master and slave drives simultaneously? Did you try to use firewire updater to change the configuration of the settings?

Any chance you could post a picture of this?

The pics aren’t so good. I tried to attach all as one file.

The HD attached is a Seagate 200Gb.

To use the DVD Drive, I just unplug the IDE Cable. It was not necessary to remove power cable off the Hard Disk.

For portability, I remove both the cables off the HD and take the DVD writer with the two cables hanging loose.

In my case this happens:

  1. When Hard Disk (Master) is plugged (IDE Cable) in, the DVD Drive (Slave) Disappears.
  2. When the Hard Disk is Unplugged (IDE Cable) the DVD Drive (Slave) appears.

I am not sure how to go aboud updating the firewire. I did reinstall firewire to recognize the hardware the first time (not needed now days). It would be more convinient to have the firewire detect both the drives simultaneously.