Combo Drives

I currently have a Toshiba SD M1502 DVD Rom and a Liteon 52307S CDRW

I would like to cut down some room and power consumption and put in a good combo drive.

Any recomendations?

I also have a Sony DVD writer installed and 3 drives is a bit draining on the power!!!

Anything good which reads like the Tosh, but writes protection like the litey ???

Regards to you all

The LiteOn combos are quite nice. I have teh 48161H and I like it a lot. I haven’t had experience with the newer 52x combo, but my guess is that it’ll be the same as the 48x, just faster. :slight_smile:

seconded on the 48161h i have 2… one in my entertainment pc and one in an external enclosure.

both work flawlessly!

I had a lite on LTR - 48246S CD-RW drive but I killed it the other day.
I just purchased a new SOHC - 5232K (the 52x combo drive), it looks like it will do everything that my 48x drive use to do.
So far I have burn’t 2 cd’s one which was safedisc protected and all went well. I also used it to rip a DVD-ROM Movie and the transfer rate got to almost 15000 KB/s so I am very impressed with that. I was a bit worried about the possibility of not having all the write speeds available to choose from, (as is with my DVD burner) but they are all there from 4x to 52x in 4x increments,
so I would buy a combo at that rate.
I use DVDShrink to do my DVD backups and by having the combo I can put the movie in one drive the blank in the other and sit back and wait for the trumpet to play.:smiley: :wink:

Just as a side note: The combo comes up as an UDMA 3/ ATA 66 drive where my DVD Burner is only a UDMA 2 /ATA 33 drive.

  1. What version(s) of Safedisc have you managed to copy now?
  2. Have you done K-probe test to see the quality of write from the 5232K combo drive?

Originally posted by Serpeant
1. What version(s) of Safedisc have you managed to copy now?
2. Have you done K-probe test to see the quality of write from the 5232K combo drive?

  1. It was a old game with safe disk 2.6, I used CloneCd to copy it.

  2. I’m not sure what speed to do a CD KProbe test at so I have done 2 the 1st 1 is at max speed the 2nd is at 4x.

Originally posted by Serpeant
1. What version(s) of Safedisc have you managed to copy now?
2. Have you done K-probe test to see the quality of write from the 5232K combo drive?

As you can see the scans are much the same.

Interesting to note that KProbe states the Manufacturer as unknown, with my old 48246S it would report them as Ritek, they are branded TDK?

You are probably JUST the person I needed to talk to!!!
QUESTION! Do you use your SOHC 5232K CDRW / DVD-ROM as the SOURCE drive and the LITE-ON LDW-411S DVD-RW as the destination drive in Nero when burning on the fly??? Does it work???

My current Artec Combo drive is only recognized as a CDRW when trying to burn on the fly or when trying to make a quick copy of a DVD – i need a new one, BAD!!

let me know, thanks!

If you are talking about copying DVD’s on the fly, yes I use them in that order, but you can only do this if the DVD is one that you have already backed up, otherwise you need to rip it and compress it to make it fit, so you cannot do it on the fly. (Well you can sort of if you use DVD shrink, but it isn’t really on the fly.)

If it is CD’s I do it in the reverse order, I never burn a CD @ 52x any way so I don’t need the player to be a 52x player if you know what I mean.

There is a hacked firmware for the SOHC 5232K which will increase the ripping speed of DVD-/+R/RW discs which you can get from the codeguys website here is the link

Ok it sounds like we are on the same page… :iagree:

And yeap, I use DVD Shrink, in which this case I CAN put a DVD in the COMBO drive and a blank DVD in the DVD-RW --> Shrink the DVD > then it automatically starts writing to the DVD-RW ROM… no problems that way!

Now, just to make sure before I purchase the SOHC 5232K as a replacement for my current COMBO Drive…

1) When your in NERO, you can go to the DVD tab > COPY DISK > ‘Quick Copy’ aka ‘On-the-fly’ > then use the already shrinkened DVD as the “source” DVD in the SOHC 5232K COMBO drive then put a blank DVD-R/+R in the LDW-411S DVD Writer as the “destination” – and it works fine?? Basically copying the DVD to DVD simulateously???

if so… THATS WHAT I NEED!!! :bigsmile:

2) Also, are you using Nero StartSmart as well??

3) Is the firmware thats shipped come working this way or was it after the hacked firmware with the speed mods was loaded when you able to burn on the fly?


I have just installed latest nero so before I say yes to all of the above I will do a burn to an rw to make sure just for you and let you know in about 30 minutes if all goes well. :wink:

I will answer 3) it worked fine out of the box no mods :iagree:

1) Yes, doing it right now. :stuck_out_tongue:
2) No, I use a shortcut to Nero Burning Rom, but I can’t see that making any difference. :slight_smile:
3) As I stated before worked fine out of the box no mods, and is doing the job right now with Nero :bigsmile:

If it happens to fall over while doing this burn I will let you know, it is @ 50% now and is going along just fine. :cool:

OK burn just finished no drama plays fine. :iagree:

Excellent!!! WE HAVE OUR WINNER!!!
And thats just what I’ll do — purchase the Liteon SOHC 5232K Combo Drive!!!


New 5232K drive came in yesterday!!! Works like a charm!!!

The 5232K is a good drive, enjoy your new found freedom to “burn on the fly” :wink:

Yo Ice…

Are you using the hacked code for 16x reading or below?
I am a little hestitant about 16x read speed since reading the warning they posted in the download file:

1) There are THREE versions of this patched firmware! One to increase the
reading speed of burnt media to 12x, one to increase it to 14x, and one to
increase it to the full 16x. Use the one what works best for you, your
drive, and your media. Note that with faster reading speeds, it’s possible
that your drive will encounter reading problems towards the end of the disc,
which is why it may not always be desirable to read at the full 16x

Have you had any problems with that or are you using a lower speed hack?

I am new to all of this, and was wondering how you were able to find out
what UDMA info the drive had. In other words, was this something that the
BIOS gave you, or can you just use a utility for this, and if so, which one
is good?

(I have a SOHC-5232K and a (Black) LDW-851S DVDRW, both Lite-on’s)…
which is why I was able to find this post. :slight_smile:



I’m using the 12x read speed version, I use this mainly because my media is fairly crappy and at any higher speeds it tends to slow down near the end of the disc because it is having trouble reading it at the higher speeds.

Having said that I have recently purchased some RITEKG05 discs and I am getting great results, both in KProbe and in Nero CDSPEED so I am thinking of uping the speed to 14x.

You won’t hurt your 5232K if you set it at 16x but it may slow down if it has trouble reading the DVD. I suggest increasing it to 12x and see how you go, run some data transfer tests with NERO CDSPEED or similar software and if you get a nice even curve with only a couple of little dips you can try a higher speed. The transfer rate really depends on the quality of your burnt DVD’s if they are not so good you may find that the default 8x is as fast as you can go. :slight_smile:

The bios tells me on boot what the drive is and you can also check it in SYSTEM properties, HARDWARE, under IDE Channel properties, you have to know what ide channel your drive is on so you look at the correct info.

Here is a thread you can read for more info

Cool pimpin’ — i’ve been using the Prodisc 8x speed media and SO FAR using the 16x hack on the COMBO drive (5232K), I haven’t had any problems.

But I have to ask this… Why if this is a 16x speed reader, do we still have to use the hacked firmware to get it to read at 16x??? SHould it perform at this speed anyway??

Oh yeah… last thing… since I am a neophyte to all of this — do you have a link or something to the KProbe software and once I’m done with the test or whatnots — i’ll tell ya what mine show. Cause its all french to me at this point, i’m not sure what to look for (other than what you described).

Thanks man!!!

(btw, i read this post after i sent you that PM, so disregard) :bigsmile: