Combo drive: sumsung or liteon?

one quick question:
i buying a Combo drive, which should i get sumsung or liteon?
wats the pros and cons?

LiteOn! Excellent CD-Writing and DVD reading capabilities.
Another advantage: hacked firmwares readily available to enable extra features such as RPC1, riplock removal and DVD+R/-R full speed reading.

Now that I’ve answered your question. Don’t buy a combo drive! There’s no point! Go buy a DVD writer! Prices are so low nowadays that there is really no reason to get a combo drive instead of a DVD Writer - which can do it all :slight_smile:

Agreed!! For $66 you can get an NEC or a Pioneer or a Benq. They will all beat out any combo drive. With DVD discs at 32 cents each for good quality you will probably want to try out DVDs sooner or later.

Sorry guys, but I don’t agree. I have a combo drive paired up with a dvd writer in each of my machines. They each cost me about $25.00. One is a Liteon and the other Artec(actually works better than the Liteon if you can believe it). Both are 52x32x16 and based on the same chipset. They are MUCH better at reading (ripping) disks than any of my writers, write CDR faster, and work great with Kprobe2 to boot.

Whiile it does not meeet the standard for media scans here (Liteon DVD-ROM or Combo drive scans are even less comparable than wrier scans are with each other), I’d say the “dream ticket” is somemthing like an NEC 3500A, and a Liteon 5232K Combo…

The NEC is a better writer than Liteon’s DVD writers, and the Liteon combo can Kprobe and is good with CD-R and RW - if “Mount Rainier” is important to you, no DVD writers seems to bother with it.

The other way, would be to go for the triple:
DVD writer, CD-RW, DVD-ROM - picking each drive as “best of breed” for it’s own application, and to cover each other’s weaknesses.

Ditto. :bigsmile: