Combo drive plays dvd but doesnt recognise cd.pls help!

hey i own a sony crx320e combo drive .i had updated its firmware to NYK5 about a month back.NO problems then and it was working well.Unexpectedly yesterday when i was playing a divx avi movie from a cd,it got stuck and the comp crashed .after i booted back,i found that the drive doesnt recognise cd’s.I put in many cd’s but none were recognised.when i double clicked the cd drive icon in My Computer,it says"Please insert a disk" eventhough i hav a cd inside it.Then i tried a dvd and fortunately,it atleast reads dvd’s.So cd’s aint working,but dvd’s are.what’s da prob?can anyone help me.Is it a firmware error or a hardware related?

Welcome :slight_smile:

I doubt it’s firmware. Trying the drive in another system is the best way to eliminate a drive fault or a system problem. If you don’t have access to another system about the only thing I can suggest is to try deleting the the driver for the drive and the IDE channel it’s on (using Device Manager) and then reboot. If it still won’t detect CDs then the drive’s OPU has probably failed. :sad: