Combo Drive Petition

Hi there everybody!

I am an optical disc freak from Finland. :sunglasses:

I have made a Combo Drive Petition, because I am worried about the future of optical discs. There are so many of them, that it seems to be almost impossible to preserve all those formats. Now you have an opprtunity to change this annoying situation and encourage the manufacturers to make combo drives, which will have all the CD/DVD -formats.

What do you think of my petition?

Yours sincerely, Henri Heinonen.

though i agree with you and think it’s a noble petition, these corporations need to keep selling the “newer” devices and their associated peripherals/accessories/media to keep making money…sadly, a grassroots petition will have little effect. perhaps a better tactic is to boycott the purchase of some of the newer devices/standards which will affect their bottom lines and cause them to take more notice (similar to boycotting RIAA/MPAA backed music/dvd releases). take the power back!

p.s. i signed it.

Thank you very much for undersigning!

you’re welcome. thanks for creating a nice petition.

not this again

even tho i think there should be all in one drives, it wont happen, nice pipe dream tho

sorry u dont get me to sign

“All-in-one” combo drive must be ready for the future formats: BluRay, HD-DVD, EVD, VMD, DMD and all the different versions of them
lol, differnt type of lasers and wavelentghs used to read those, so there for no dice

What do you mean “again”?


By the way. How can I spread the word about my petition? Can someone put a link on the main page or something?

Henri Heinonen.

u tired this over at the amd forums i belong too


its not bad for u to try this, but u wont get far even with a LOT A SIGNATURES

this is just one of those things that will never happen

ur chasing the impossible dream

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Yes. That is true.

They said few years ago that recordable DVD DL is impossible, but now there are at least DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL. Maybe there will be also DVD-RAM DL, DVD+RW DL and DVD-RW DL in the near future. Impossible? Maybe, but how long? :slight_smile:

By the way. Have you ever heard about LG GSA-4163B? It will read and write all the DVD and CD -medias except those DVD-RAM DL, DVD+RW DL and DVD-RW DL and DVD-RAMs with a cartridge. Too sad that it does not support DD-CD-R(W)s either.

All in all; that drive is almost a dream. :slight_smile:

Henri Heinonen.


cd’s are a thing of the past :slight_smile: