Combo Drive capabilities

hey folks. plz help a newbie out…which one of the following support these features…

  1. Does it support overburn
  2. Is it compatible with 800 MB CD-R/RW ?
  3. Is it compatible with 870 MB CD-R/RW?
  4. Does is support Buffer Underrun prevention?
  1. Sony CRX300A
  2. Sony CRX320A
  3. Liteon 48161H
  4. Samsung SM-352BRNS
  5. LG GCC 4520B
  6. MSI X52 (P8452M) aka only ‘MSI X52’

pls also tell me which one is the best out of these…

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anyway i too am a newbie and have posted threads like u

checkout this link

or search google or this forum with these keywords “review on <comboname>”

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I believe that all of the drives on your list meet those requirements.

Hm, this is a dusty old thread… the reason why nobody answered in this thread (until just now) is that, IIRC, Ahmadka triple-posted, and one of the threads was answered, one thread was closed, and this one was just forgotten…

  1. Liteon 48161H

I have 48161H but I also have 5232K. SOHC-5232K is the latest combo model from Lite-On.

Can you use the SOHC-5232K as the DVD source drive when copying on the fly?
Or do you have a DVD burner as well to do this?