Combo 48161h and +r DL

can the combo drive 48161h read without problems the new +R DL???

Well my 5232k can if burned with low pi and pif then yes I’m assuming your drive can too :slight_smile:

Strange, with NK0A? I’m almost sure that read +R DL only from the last NK0E.
I don’t know about LTC-48161H but I think is not able to do because the last firmware is old.

I’ll post up a reading curve later and show you :slight_smile:

My 48161H with KH0Q (haven’t tried P) reads +R DL booktyped to -ROM. Don’t have any that are not booktyped, so I can’t test those, but most +R DL discs will probably be booktyped to -ROM anyway.

According to the firmware’s speed selection code, +R DL was added in NK0A, not NK0E. I don’t have a 5232K, so I can’t verify it personally, but kwkard says so. :wink:

Finally doing a transfer rate test. My internet connection has been splotchy today. I forgot to mention that it does read +R9 discs with and without booktype.

Well I have been having issues with cd speed detecting the end of the disc and it shows up as 31GB! Anyway it finshed reading with a near perfect reading curve but it froze my computer at the end so I couldn’t post a screeny, but windows reading works just fine. Anyway trust me, it works.