Combining video_ts folders

I am using a Sony DVD Camocorder and have transferred all the finalised material (video_ts folders) from the mini 1.4gb RW disk onto the regular 4.7gb DVD which seems a waste.

Is there any way of combining perhaps three of the video_ts folders onto one DVD?

I have tried DVD2one, but it removes the menu from each video_ts folder

You’ll need to reauthor the menus.

Any DVD Authoring package will let you do this.


A couple of freeware programs will let you make menus.
DVDFlick & DVDStyler.
DVDFlick is easier to use but DVDStyler makes nicer menus.
This is a commercial product TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3 I’ve seen reccommended .I don’t have it so I can’t say.

I doubt any program is going to import more than one menu and mix and match them…

ConvertXtoDVD does take multiple DVD files and puts them on one dvd. I have not tried to do this, but it works great for the AVI to DVDs. Have not used the menu funtion. The only limitation on the trial is a watermark.

For my own curiosity I wanted to see what the watermark looked like. Depending on the video size, the watermark can be bigger or smaller:
. .

I just used TMPGENC DVD Author 3 to put two DVDs onto one. I made custom menus… I’m pretty impressed with the functionality (first time). I found it a little hard, so you may find it pretty hard. :wink: Although I got real into all the advanced tweaks instead of using the templates.