Combining video from various sources on DVD

I would like to combine video from a commercial DVD with VHS quality video from a personal DVD and video taken directly from VHS by me.

Can anyone help me with the best methods to accomplish the highest quality end result? I have the hardware/software package to get the VHS video myself, but beyond that I know nothing.

As far as I can see I still need to:

  • extract the commercial DVD video (retaining commentaries)
  • extract the personal DVD video
  • choose a suitable DVD authoring program and put all three sources together

If you can help with any one step please do!

I should add that I’m quite capable with IT in general, just not in relation to this sort of thing.

New ideas or directions to relevant threads I have missed are equally welcome! Thanks!

The commercial dvd will probably be encrypted, so use a dvd decrypter/ripping program like DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is still being updated and should be able to handle any protection you run into. Rip the entire dvd to the hard drive to work with it. Found here: Don’t use compression, as the trial has this capability…just do a straight rip.

The personal dvd can be ripped this way as well, but since it won’t have encryption, you can just copy and paste the Video_TS folder onto the hard drive where you want it. Or drag and drop the folder, either will work.

You’ll need an editing program that can work directly with the mpeg2 found in dvd-video. There are a couple that were designed specifically for this: Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD and VideoReDo TV Suite. Both can do frame accurate cuts with minimal reencoding. And both have free, fully functional trials to test the programs and see if they meet your needs.