Combining srt subtitles in a divx file

Hey folks,
I’m trying to combine subtitles (I have in an srt format) in an divx avi file. I know I can use divx to dvd converters for this purpose, but I still want a quick tool that will output the file in the same format (only with the subtitles). The only tool I found that can do this job is submux (parft of the VobSub 2.23 package), but when I tried it it only gave an output of a 1-2 second movie. Any help would be appreciated.

Combine means hardcoding, or?!?

VirtualDubMod with VobSub as a filter.


Thanks TimC - I’ll try it. Any guess why submux (supplied with VobSub) didn’t work? Does anyone support VobSub? Doesn’t seem so.

BTW - Also found a utility by the name of AviSub, having the exact purpose I needed. Alas, didn’t work…


Where are the subs from?

Downloaded them from a site.

Then they are most likely in an not appropriate format. Wrong coded or something.

No they are ok. Even managed to watch the movie they belonged to on my PC.

OK let me elaborate why I need this (didn’t think I’d need to, but seems like it will help you understand better):
The subtitles are in Hebrew. The players on my PC (WMP, PowerDVD) are able to display them properly with the film. The problem starts with my DVD player: It accepts divx + srt files, but hebrew subtitles confuse it - it displays them reverse (as they are right to left). Now there are utilities that reverse them, but they don’t always work properly. Besides, I can’t view the burned DVD (that includes the avi and subtitles) on both DVD player and PC afterwards - as one of them will always show the subtitles reversed. So - embedding them in the movie will solve both problems.
This is BTW a problem for many people here. Thought I’d have the chance to solve this problem not only for myself.