Combining & Splitting same 2 DVDs w/DVDRemake?

Hi All,
New to the 'freaks forum’s. I’m thinking of getting DVDRemake to join several two DVD sets I have. I know I can combine two DVDs into one while still keeping their menus. But I’d like to know if I can later split that one DVD back into two and would those two be identical to the original two? Thanks!

It’s easy to combine two DVDs to one; unfortunately, it’s not easy to split it like the original. It’s doable but lots of adjustments need to be made. Why is there a need to split? You already have the original 2 DVDs.

You can easily split them - in a way :slight_smile: Just hide one disk or another and use “bypass menu” action on corresponding button in start-up menu. This will leave some remnants of hidden disk but they will not take much space and only non hidden disk will play.

Doh! Why didn’t I think of that! :rolleyes: I was thinking of making it exactly like the original, no hidden disk, at the time since that was originally asked. Thanks Dimad for mentioning that. :wink: