Combining several cds into 1 dvd?

I was wondering is it possible to combine say games taht have 4 cds into 1 dvd so i dont have to keep changing discs upon installation?

do i need some kind of authoring tool to do it? I have macromedia author something something, will that do?

any input will do, thx!

It really depends on the installer the game uses. Sometimes you can just copy the whole contents of the cds to a dvd, sometimes you have to change msi files (with orca) or other installation files. Please more specific: Which game do you want to change to dvd format ?

i actually wanna copy adobe creative suite on one dvd
at the moment it’s 5 discs

regarding orca.msi

is there anywhere to download this file other than the microsoft site?
it says i have to download this whole set of files, which i dont want

I don’t think you will get it as a standalone version, cos it is part (and I think it needs parts of it) of the SDK components…

regarding your adobe creative suite:

You have got 5 discs with 5 different progs, right ?

k forget about this adobe one

how do i combine need for speed underground from 2 cds onto 1 dvd?

I think you got your answer somewhere else, don’t you ? :wink:

Editing the two txt files (Common_Filelist.txt and DE_Filelist.txt or En_Us_Filelist.txt) will do. This is for NFSU.

and also had to edit the autorun.cfg so that the game runs from disc1 not 2 :wink:

took me 4 hours to figure it out

After all, you finally managed to do it. Glad to hear that.

Can you tell me what exactly you need to edit? Also there’s a zip file on both CD’s called I’ve just extracted the contents of each, merged them and then created a new file, is this correct?


Hi i have tried to combine lotr the battle for middle earth(4cd) into one dvd-r. I succed to make game installable (modified common_filelist.txt and combined all compressed files into one file) but game musics aren’t playing.

If Is there anybody knows about this PLEASE HELP!!

f+u+c+k you all