Combining multiple ISO into one file

Is there a program that can combine multiple ISO’s into a single file and/or ISO?

Also is there a way to add in extra files to an ISO once it is made? Like lets say I made a disc image and wanted to add a file to the ISO, how would I do this? Thanks for your time.

The link below may help you.

It depends on what you want to accomplish when you combine the multiple ISOs. If you want an ISO image containing all of the files of each ISO image, then there are a few tools that you can use, but my favourite is UltraISO (it’s a $30 ShareWare program with a downloadable trial).

UltraISO is very good at doing this. You can open the ISO image with UltraISO, then drag-an-drop more files to it (and also remove some files), and then you save the new image.