Combining multiple images?



Greetings all - first time here and just learning.

I’m trying to save multiple cd audio (back-up) images on a DVD and I’m not exactly sure how to go about it. I have a large number of compilations to create.

I’ve created the CD images (.NRG) in Nero and was wondering the best way to create a DVD backup of the images. Is it as simple as burning another image, but on DVD?

I tried doing a search, but to no avail. Are UDF or UDF/ISO better choices?

Thanks in advance!


what type files are they? try this site for free software on converting then use Nero to merge them. CINDI :slight_smile:


Hi, and thanks for your response!

They’re audio files. I created images (NRG) of a sound effects c.d. library so that students could use the back-up discs instead of the originals. I have a DVD burner and I’d like to compress the images (if possible) to get as many of the images on a DVD (for back-up) as possible. I don’t want to convert to MP3 because I want to retain the original quality

I’m really new at this - you say to use Nero to merge them - what does that mean. I tried to search my question first, but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks again!


OH, sorry i am working with avi movies files can’t help you. CINDI :frowning:


Thanks anyway CINDI!


oops, merge them like making chapters or putting split movies back together. Nero express program will do for you. but then again, i dont know about cds. try the program and see. CINDI:)


I’d assume you could just burn the image files as though they were any other kind of file without having to doing anything special because of the fact that they were image files. For example, say you were using Nero, rather than go to the “burn disc from image” option (I don’t use Nero, that was a guess but I’d imagine there’s some sort of option to do that) just go to the “create data disc” option and copy/paste the image files as though they were any other filetype and then burn. For some reason I’ve never had to do this so I can’t say for certain if it will work.

If for some bizarre reason this is impossible you could just compress the image files with a tool like 7-Zip into archives and then burn those to disc. Is this what you meant by your original post? I don’t see why you would want to merge the images into one, that would just create a disc with all the tracks together.


Yes, that’s what I meant Mr. Horse. I have a variety of sound effect libraries and I’d like to archive them on DVDs (fewer discs than CDs) so the images aren’t sitting on my HD.

I’ve never used 7-Zip, do you think it will compress the images much?


According to this test it’s better than WinRAR or WinZip:

It’s basically the same as WinZip but open source, it can also handle the Zip format if you’d be more comfortable doing that. However, while doing this is fine if you’re just backing up your CDs for security, if you want to mount the images on a regular basis it will mean decompressing the compressed file to hard drive which would be inconvenient.